I’m currently raising money to do a photo project across the country so that I can meet all of you beautiful folks & get it all on film!  This is part of an annual photo book series I’m putting together for the end of the year called “Exposed”.  This first one is called “All Lies on Me” which will be part of another art project I have called ALL LIES.  

These are my gifts that I have available if you’d like to help fund this project allxlies.bigcartel.com

A huge inspiration for ALL LIES came from the Mayan teachings of Panche Be [Buscar la raiz de la verdad - To seek the root of the truth] & In Lak’Ech [Tú eres mi otro yo - You are my other me].  I’ve been calling this an empowerment project, with the simple goal of bringing people together.  It’s about seeing through the illusions that divide us while realizing the power that lies within us.  When you bring the two together, ALL LIES becomes ALLIES.  ALL is Self.

Also here’s some of my currently film photography work if you’d like to check it out godfatherofsol.vsco.co

Minolta XE-7 / Kodak Tri-X 400
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